2018- What an honour being featured in Briony Liber’s #CareerCorner!
You’ll find it here –>
Briony digs deep to look into where my career took a sharp turn from IT audior to Full time artist and mental health advocate.
Yve in the media- Briony Liber
Briony Liber
2018- A project that is very dear to my heart, is the Powerwoman Project founded by the absolutely gorgeous Keri-Lee Stroebel. She interviewed me for their blog about my journey.
You’ll find it here –>
Keri takes us way back to my first unplanned pregnancy and uncovers more than I often share online.
Yvette Hess self portrait watercolour Powerwoman Project
Keri-Lee Stroebel
2018- When Tamryn Christians made contact, I wasn’t very sure of how an interview would go, especially because I had only recently stopped drinking. I felt like I had no authority or experience that would help others. I guess I was wrong.
You’ll find the full interview here –>
Tamryn shares a glimpse into the new chapter I embark on, where my expressive nature finds itself onto canvas.
Yvette Hess artist
Cape Argus- Tamryn Christians