Meet Me in the Field interview – Spirituality in addiction recovery – with Freddy van Rensburg

The biggest issue I faced in my recovery, specifically in the beginning, was tackling spirituality in addiction recovery.

I struggled with the wonderful 12 step programme. Yes, of course, I’m going to be honest. With one year of being sober behind me, which you can read about on my blog (I include writing about that time I “woke up” wondering who the hell I am ), I can honestly say that if I had a better grounding, spiritually speaking, I believe it could have been easier. Perhaps.

But everything happens for a reason, they say.

In the long run, I suppose that I needed to do more work spiritually. I don’t speak openly about this often. I have mentioned this challenge to my sponsor, bestie and inspiration, Lynne Huysamen. She’s 10 years sober and clean this year.

A friend of Lynne’s who I met through Facebook (I just love social media), Freddy van Rensburg, is a holistic counsellor based in South Africa. He’s involved with addiction recovery, amongst other therapies. It was a great honour (and a bit intimidating) when he invited me to chat with him on his Meet Me in the Field podcast earlier this year.

It was an honour because Lynne and Freddy are both people I respect immensely- their recovery journeys are so inspirational. They both are published authors and you can find their ebooks here:

Lynne Huysamen’s book, “The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn” is available for purchase on Smashwords. You can also download a sample if you sign up for her blog over at Lynne Living With Addiction.

Freddy van Rensburg designed a 21-day programme where he guides you through the 12 step programme. He wrote the “The First Layer” step work book and it forms part of his 24-day 12-step Coaching and Counselling programme. He coaches in person, or via Skype or WhatsApp video call! But, if you’d like to only purchase the step work book itself, please purchase on Amazon here.

Meet Me in the Field podcast recording

Thank you Freddy for inviting me to participate in your podcast series.

You can find the link to the recording here.

We apologize sincerely for the noise in the background. We met up on Father’s day in Muizenburg in the hopes of finding a quiet little coffee shop but found a bustling Muizeburg instead. But such is life! I will say though, that Freddy managed to draw out some great insights and gave me even more to think about (and work on).

Enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your journey, especially regarding spirituality in addiction recovery.

spirituality in addiction recovery meet me in the field

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