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That First Date- palette knife oil painting of a sunset and seascape

R 3,108.00

A sunset oil painting capturing a scene, possibly even romantic. This product is available through KIS Furniture as of 11 May 2018.

Scott Eric Williams reviews this piece beautifully. Check the full product description.

40cm x 50 cm on stretched canvas.


Ever tried your hand at a sunset oil painting?

I have. Many times in fact. I just love the sky and the way the sun fills it with colours, melting here and into there. My favourite way of trying to capture it, is with a palette knife. Glorious layers of colour spread over for you to marvel at.

When Scott Speaks

Delicious! This is what professional artist and art researcher, Scott Eric Williams had to say about “That First Date”:

Yvette Hess’s “The First Date” is a moody mysterious portrayal of a scene which has all the subtle hallmarks of romance without the schmaltz.
On first look the lone car, who’s orange draws one to the center of the image as a focal point , leads one to wonder.
However, the title dispels all questions the viewer might have.
Who’s car is this?
What is it doing there?
Why did the driver come to the beach?
In the style of naïve painting , the painting does just enough to tell us of the youthful liaison which the title describes.
A young couple in a modest car find their way to the sea at sunset to look deeply into each other’s eyes and whisper love-drunk sweetnesses.
That First Date - Oil -Y Hess - sunset oil painting
Our imagination tells us that the  singular black smudge inside the car is the joining together in a kiss or perhaps the passion was of a slightly stronger chemical and it goes beyond a kiss.
The sunset and the soul-calming white noise of the receding tide join together with the fever pitch to heighten arousal.
The irony is that none of this is portrayed in the painting yet the impressionistic scene is so familiar that the synapses go to work in drawing foregone conclusions from the viewer’s own memory.
The execution of the painting perhaps pushes this nostalgia over the edge as one is drawn into these dreamlike qualities.
These are such personal autobiographical feelings yet they belong to us all.
I have another sunset oil painting instore. I also used my palette knife and bold strokes!
How else do you know me?


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