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Dirty Swan – Oil Painting- Unconventional swan

R 2,750.00

Title: Dirty Swan
Size: 61.5cm x 91cm
Medium: Oil paint
Tools: Palette knife


This Dirty Swan oil painting was a deliberate attempt to go against the rules or what reality ought to be. What comes to mind when you think, “swan”? White? Clean? Elegant? Perfection? That remarkable ballet, “Swan Lake“? For me, a swan represents all of the previously mentioned things and purity.

That is all good and well, but my reality is hardly ever perfect. And with all of my paintings, I wanted to bring that to the fore.


Because imperfection is REALITY.

A few of my artist friends gave me some advice after seeing the end result. They mentioned what colours I could mix together to create a whiter white. And my response was, “Nope, that was intentional.”

It isn’t easy just doing what you feel because as an artist, you are always under the spotlight. Either your technique needs or work or is brilliant or your message is embraced or misconstrued. Either way, you’ll fall flat on your face or people will adore your work and voice.

I’m in a weird space where I feel like I’m gambling with trying new concepts and techniques. I am finding my way. What I loved about this piece, was that I embraced the unconventional and brought it to life in a thing of absolute beauty, like the swan. With every stroke with my palette knife, I became increasingly sure of what I want to achieve in the art world and the world in general.

I embrace my flaws- albeit painful, but I believe daring to just “be” is brave and fills my hear with joy. Like that painting, “Pretty Little Me”, the audacity to dream or be yourself should be treasured.

So, Mr Swan, if you want to be dirty, be dirty. be true to who you are, and not what people expect you to be. Do not subscribe to the beliefs of others for the sake of fitting in or pleasing anyone. Why? Because you can do better than that.

It is so much sweeter to be authentic.



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