What is a detox programme

Treating scalp psoriasis with a detox- What is a detox treatment?

“What is a detox treatment?” is something I’m asked often when I tell people that I’m on a medical detox to treat my scalp psoriasis. Sometimes I can sense they’re rolling their eyes on the inside, because “another detox, Yvette?!”

Yes, another detox people!

But this one is different.

What is a detox treatment?

When looking up medical detoxes, one sees an array of detoxes related drug and alcohol abuse. This particular detox treatment is not linked to those, but it wouldn’t be something I would shy away from. Even though I am 194 days sober today, and will be writing a bit about that too, I wanted to focus on my experience on scalp psoriasis today. You can read a bit about what I have tried in the past, here.

I received my detox from Dr. Jon Morley on the 29th January this year and it contained a list of foods to exclude and include and then also a general guideline to follow. A few interesting things to mention:

  • Avoid the news (I cheated last night when our former president resigned haha)
  • No pork which translates to NO PORK 🙁
  • Only use organic soap and toiletries
  • Sauna and lymph drainage massages once weekly for three weeks (Yasssss!)

I also have to take a range of supplements daily. including a probiotic. The brands I’m using are Amipro (The Metagenics range), The Real Thing, and ProbiFlora.

What is a detox treatment - product range

And for the organic toiletries, I tried to keep it simple. You’ll see some old school Olive Oil, Jojoba oil (only because I had some at home), Pure Soap, and then a really cool alternative for a hectic antiperspirant from Dischem. It’s a crystal!

What is a detox treatment - organic product range

The plan is to treat the Psoriasis from the inside, out. Many Drs walk through a garden, Dr. Morley says, and see yellow leaves on the roses. They spray something on it and ‘fixes’ it temporarily.

“But the problem is not the leaves, it’s the soil,” Morley explains.

So, we will be using nutrition to fix my liver and the gut, also known as the emotional brain of the body. This treatment also forms part of the process of a possible re-daignosis. That’s right kids, I may not have Bipolar Disorder after all.

*Insert GASP*

Because that’s basically what I’m about, right?

Stay tuned for more on that…

Where am I at on this detox treatment?

I’m on day four of the treatment and as much as I know it’s good for me, I will admit that this is a huge challenge too!

Investing in health is EXPENSIVE. Buying fresh vegetables isn’t too bad. I buy small amounts, frequently, and avoid wastage as far as possible. These supplements did NOT come cheap either. But as Dr Morley mentioned, he would rather have me invest in these next few weeks than spend money on creams and shampoos that don’t work. Spending money on good food feels a lot better than spending crazy amounts on those ointments which have loads of side effects btw.  Think headaches and thinning of the skin.

I enjoyed the steam room session this morning at La Vita Spa (I watched my boobs and legs sweat in front of my eyes) and tomorrow I go for my deep tissue massage.

I’ll definitely share as I go along.  Expect a post next week again 🙂

PS One of the best things a Dr. can tell you before you leave (after explaining biological and hormonal processes in the form of producing goods to sell at a market and a rose garden analogy) is:

“Let’s fix your garden.”


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