Your Legacy Matters- E-book writing service

Your Legacy Matters- E-book writing service

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Legacy Matters

"Legacy Matters.

Have you lived a life of consequence? Have you done work that matters? Have you made a difference? Have you learned how to navigate this human endeavour elegantly and eloquently?

No matter who you are, you are of consequence, you do matter and you do make a difference. You have a story to tell, a legacy to share and lessons to impart.

My name is Jacques and I can help you tell those stories, share those lessons, and gift your legacy to all who need to hear it.

You matter. Your legacy matters.

Let me craft your legacy story."


As part of our work as visual brand designers, we get to know the people behind the brands we help create. We get to learn so much about who they are- the stories and their inspiration through our interactions. They have braved storms or planted seeds that have fed many souls. But they are often either too busy to write their own life story or believe they wouldn't do it justice. So we did the work and found an incredible memoir legacy writer (who also is a professional speaker) who can tell your story, and we help you share it in a way that is meaningful and personal- in your own book!

A bit about Jacques:

Jacques de Villiers helps people tell their legacy story through his workshops, keynotes, and writing.

He has presented more than 1500 workshops, training sessions, and keynotes both locally and internationally since 1998. Currently, he is fascinating and enchanting his audiences with a 3-hour workshop called How To Craft Your Legacy Story and a 1-hour keynote is called Legacy Matters.

He has ghostwritten 12 books and four of own account. The latest is a quasi-memoir called What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide to Enlightenment.

When he’s not speaking, training or writing, you’ll find him playing chess, studying philosophy, and reading anything by Carlos Castaneda.

Is this for you?

If you want to document your entrepreneurial journey or share how you went from employment to building empires, Jacques is your writer.

If you want to capture your COVID story? Jacques is your writer.

Or if you want to be able to eloquently express in writing all the in-between moments, between the milestones (the things you don't list on LinkedIn), Jacques is your writer.

This is an asset- the story of you- of this lifetime. Yes, a book you can sell and promote to support your expertise and experience on LinkedIn or other platforms.

But it is also a precious gift and legacy you can pass down to those who will come after you and stand in appreciation of those who came before you.

With Jacques (your writer)

The Process:

*Client enrols and signs up for the Legacy Story.

*Get to know you via Zoom or WhatsApp call.

*Tell Your Story guidelines and questionnaire gets sent to client

*Client completes and sends it back to the author

*A second Zoom or WhatsApp call to work out the register, resonance, and rapport of the text

*Author writes the first draft of the manuscript (two weeks)

*First draft sent to client, changes made and approved

*Manuscript edits, proofreads and revisions are made by the author and final copy signed off by client

What you get:

*A 25 000-word e-book ready manuscript

*A 100-200 word summary (blurb) on what the book is about

*A 100-word biography on the author

The final manuscript is then passed to the Artistic Brand Expression team for typeset and book cover design.

With Jo (your graphic designer)

*Creates the format ready for ebook publication

*Optional print-ready for traditional printing consultation can be requested

*E-book upload to various platforms like Amazon

With Yvette (your artist)

*Custom book-cover design artwork (illustration, collage, photography)

*Additional illustrations or artwork can be requested

Conditions: 50% secures your order and starts the interview process.

Branding is Storytelling. Through our creative collaboration, we've created a unique opportunity for you to read about the incredible life you have lived.



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