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  • 700mm x800mm
  • Oil
  • Stretched canvas

About this piece

I started this painting on 25th November 2018 and finally finished it in 2019, just shy of one whole year. I don’t think that I had the right understanding of what I wanted to convey or felt compelled to convey when I first started this painting. I think I was moved by the end result, that being a finished painting.

This time, I just did it and enjoyed the process. If it finished, it finished. This piece reflects so much inside- piercing through, navigating areas in my heart. Navigating and building with every interaction, unlearning, and learning. And sometimes making the same mistakes. And realizing that they were never mistakes.

It was the same lesson showing up. The same cycle presenting itself, but a different version of me required to take action. At any given point in time, you are making the right decision, you are seeing things from where you are, from what you have learned and experienced. And it’s more than good enough. It is truth.

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