She's Empty
She's Empty

She's Empty

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  • 305mm x 407mm
  • Canvas
  • Palette Knife

About this piece

Art about being sober

This She’s Empty oil painting depicts our cat Ray casually staring down at an empty glass while sitting on our table. The way he sat and stared made me think about that empty glass and my journey to living a sober and happy life.

My thoughts when painting this, centered around that empty glass while acknowledging at the same time, that I am full of life and hope.

A juxtaposition, if you will.

I decided to capture this in a painting, not only because it was very therapeutic, but rather that I have a memento of my journey as I take the steps to live a life where I am making conscious decisions to live my best life.

Coming a long way.

I have come a long way from finishing two bottles of Merlot a day. My favourite was Durbanville Hills and of course Fat Bastard when the budget would allow.

I have come a long way from hiding empty bottles in my cupboard.

I have come a long way from going for the cheapest bottle of wine, just to get a kick, to get a pick-me-upper.

When I look at this painting, I feel a sense of relief, not only that my money is going to much better places, but that I have more control. Yes, it is a lot more challenging living a more conscious life as there is no way to run. You have to deal with emotions and situations head-on.

You can’t run away

And you know, that’s the way I prefer it. I have been able to identify my triggers and also see why I have been running away from certain people or situations. Now, I’m proud to admit, even when I avoid certain situations, I am of sober (pun intended) mind and I can determine what does not serve me.

I have the power to decide what I will let go of. Wait, you see there?

I have the power.

Ps. Check out my other cat paintings. My Ray is not only for my pet therapy but also my muse.


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