Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel
Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel
Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel
Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel
Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel
Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel

Outlier feat. Kim Windvogel

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“Outlier”2020. Yvette Hess. Copyright. These were created as part of the painting process of work around being within this body. The works included drawings, in charcoal, watercolour, oil paintings (at Eclectica Contemporary) and these digital paintings.

A limited number of 10 per design will be made available. 

33% of the proceeds of every sale will be split as follows:

  1. 11 % will be directed to the Kirvan Fortuin Foundation.  (NPO Registration Number: 202-216 NPO) . The Kirvan Fortuin Foundation NPO is an umbrella organisation that uses dance as a tool to educate and create social awareness. The work of the foundation is focused on the youth and young aspiring dancers from the marginalised areas of South Africa, with programs implemented in Macassar, East London, Mthatha, George, Bloemfontein and other areas in the greater Cape region.
  2. 11% will be directed to Kim Windvogel, to support her work. Kim conducts the SUNDAY SEX SERVICE IGTV series is compiler of “They Called Me Queer”, Co-Founder of Femme Projects
  3. 11% will be directed to support finance my invitation to be part of an exhibition in Spain, Madrid and Make it Rain, a future project geared towards supporting the creative industry in opportunities and alternative funding.

Size A1 (594 x 841mm / 23.4 x 33.1 inch) printed on Fine art Textured Silk Paper g/m2.

Signed, numbered, dated and local delivery of up to R99. 

Artist notes:

“...Inner meeting”. Featuring Kim Windvogel, @blazingnonbinary 

I am fascinated by those who embark on a journey, both consciously and unconsciously- of meeting their true selves. When I look at Kim, the posts, videos and what Kim proclaims to be and not be- I feel like it is a gathering of emotions and a meeting of Kim’s most intimate and glorious parts. It’s like seeing a movie, a deliberate choosing and letting go of and allowing. Such beautiful freedom.

Seeing that I have been embarking on creating work around my own experiences within this skin and beyond it: finding , making and allowing freedom, I was inspired to create this digital portrait of Kim.

Thank you Kim for giving me permission to use your image- and one print, will definitely be sent your way!

The oil painting series currently in the Group show entitled “Margins” at @eclecticacontemporary forms part of my own inner exploring and acceptance of the self. And accepting that the journey is just that, a journey. If there’s no destination, there’s less pressure to do or fix anything, because you can’t get lost- just journey. Eyes on the road.

I see the work I made using Kim’s images as a celebration of this experience - what can be created and experienced within this body.


The 3 oil paintings form part of a group show at Eclectica Contemporary Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa for Womxns Month in August 2020. 


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