New World

New World

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  • 297 mm x 420 mm
  • Charcoal

About this piece

I felt compelled to touch, to create some things outside of my screens (so many). And I thought it would be cool to perhaps just play around with the dark and light effects. I started the drawing portrait style and created the basic layout of where I wanted light. I followed the flow, the lines. I knew this was an experiment, so no pressure. And every time I felt it, I'd remind myself. Trust. Trust. Trust. Let go. So I did. I stopped.

Did something else but when I saw the drawing again, it was landscape and then I saw people emerging. I saw figures. I started drawing with my putty eraser. Suddenly, this was something else. Or perhaps I had to really see what I was part of bringing to life- which had nothing to do with what I had planned.

I think I just had to listen. And trust. And let go of any reason to prove anything. Because there's nothing to prove right now.

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