Golden Pears
Golden Pears

Golden Pears

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  • 510mm x 255mm
  • Oil
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Palette Knife

About this piece

This Golden Pears oil painting was one of the first still lifes I attempted. The very first was Veggie Surprise. What I loved about this attempt was my decision to include gold. And I decided to include the gold more than just an after-thought. I wanted to go bold. Ah, and isn't that just like me, hey? Bold.

I can't deny it. It's just part of my nature to be bold. I think I can credit that to the years of knocks life has generally flung my way. I believe that that energy flows through me when I conceptualize any creation and of course with every stroke. So, these pears were a real joy to paint. And I say that with a huge smile on my face! Many of the paintings I create have these awkward periods where I need to sit and just look at it. NO fiddling.

My palette knives and paintbrushes are set aside and I just stare at it. I take close up photographs and from afar. I usually keep the painting on the easel and move it around my lounge and TV room. I even keep it in the corner of my eye while I'm cooking and see what bothers me or if what originally bothered me disappears or becomes a thorn in my foot. But this one was different. I finished the golden pears oil painting in one sitting! I worked like a machine but with the grace of a swan.

Well, that's in my opinion anyway. I wish I could say I was inspired by other pear paintings like that of Angela Moulton, but I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, it is an exquisite piece and it basks in the glory of its simplicity. I was inspired by the beauty of the background- with the light dancing between the leaves of the branches. Green, the complementary colour of red, just made magic and allowed the red, golden pears to pop out.

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