Expand Your Brand with e-commerce - Web dev - 19Digital

Expand Your Brand with e-commerce - Web dev - 19Digital

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Expand your Brand - with Wordpress

We have developed a roadmap for you to take your entire visual brand - your logo and visual brand art straight to our trusted service providers to build a website for you!

In this package, you'll get all the visual elements you need as well as the services of one of our developers to create a Wordpress website with no fuss.

Artistic Brand Expressions team provides:


- Logo Design (work with Graphic Designer Jo Petzer)

*We provide 3 options

*We allow 3 revision

*We include 10 logo files (including the vectors)

*We provide your specific brand color profiles

* 4 pre-designed Blog post templates for Canva (which you can edit as you need for great-looking call-to-action and engaging messaging on social media)

(Includes online consultation)


-1 digital painting (work with Fine Artist Yvette Hess)

*1 abstract digital painting

*High-Resolution file (can be used to print on stationery, furniture, signage, and other decor items)

*Painting is 'On-brand' using color profile

*A choice of 3 digital mediums suited to you, your business or your industry

* Can be cropped, edited to create more variants (keeping you in flow!)

- 10 matching hand-drawn elements, 5 doodles

*individually drawn digital objects and illustrations to act as accents for your brand

*'On-brand' using color profile

*Using elements and brushstrokes of original digital painting

Wordpress Developer provides:

* Online Design brief consultation

* Standard business website: (4-8 pages)

**Hosting, plus domain, plus SSL, professional business email (paid monthly or annually) if choosing our provider.

In this option our designer will take you through the initial design brief, using the visual brand elements and your input as the guide. After client sign-off, you'll be in full control of your web presence. Of course, you'll be more than welcome to engage with our service provider on a working relationship together to support you if you'd like help on a more regular or systematic basis.  


Payment Policy

An Acknowledgement receipt and details of order for the payment made, will be sent to your email address as proof of payment, within 3 working days.

50% deposit required to commence project.

Customers Privacy
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