Burning Bush
Burning Bush

Burning Bush

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“Burning Bush”2020. Yvette Hess. Copyright reserved. 

“Burning Bush”. Limited prints on Fine art textured silk paper.
Limited prints of 10.
Size A1
Signed, editioned and dated by artist.

Printed by Silvertone International in South Africa
%of proceeds will be given to the Creative Sustainability project. A project founded by Amanda Tonna in Malta. 

I painted this as part of the body of work created over lockdown looking at who I am, within this skin, beyond it and being free of it. When creating this, I was looking at bodies, a body of people(s), spirit, Collectives, rituals and what spoke to my senses of these experiences. I ‘met’ Amanda earlier in the year through GeniusU and I was genuinely moved by her enthusiasm. She lives in Malta and having seen some of her explanatory videos and videos of the evenings on the beach and the music, the art, and the life, the celebration, I felt this piece was a good fit to help support her in a way that could be sustainable for now. Through my art. And of course, through telling you about how wonderful her work is. For example, one of the latest projects is where the sale of variegated ivy for St Clare College will be used to install green walls in the classrooms for kids with autism. In the group, you can even attend a workshop to learn to grow your own food at home with her partner Nadia.

So with every sale of this print (there are two options in the link below) I’ll be buying plants 🌱🌱🌱

I’d you’d like to support Amanda or her group, please feel free to contact her. I’ll add all this information to my site too, so you’ll be able to read more about what they do.

🌱 Amanda Tonna (GeniusU and LinkedIn)

🌱 Creative Sustainability Facebook Group

Yvette Hess Creative Studio

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