All The Times
All The Times

All The Times

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  • 297 mm x 420 mm
  • Mixed Media
  • Fabriano Paper

About this piece

Work from my 2019 Clinic Stay for a mixed episode - Depression and Mania- mIxed episode.

"Counting, chanting, channeling something. I named this “All the times”.
I was counting, in the hospital bed, all the times I gave up, all the times I gave in. I counted all the times I rose up. I counted beautiful moments. I counted. I saw “all the times” as a screen, a film, a filter to what I was experiencing. Counting, seemed tangible. The number of times, seemed concrete. But why did it not feel like comfort? What if I was counting the wrong things? What if counting - watching the numbers rise wasn’t helping?

It’s a bit hard to see but the greys have some pearly white ink, so it reflects a bit. Soft, murky, hazy, dreamy."

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