Projects - Past and Ongoing

Projects and Initiatives 

This page serves to document experiences of several projects over the years and act as a small a way of saying thank you to the incredible people who worked alongside me in various sectors. I am grateful to have worked with some of the inspiring, fierce and dedicated individuals in my friendship circles. We did exceptional work, oftentimes ahead of the pack. This made the road tough but it was always worth it. It was always an adventure. I thank them for their service and their bravery. I haven't been easy to work with! 


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READ MORE: Not Another Collective (Previously known as Young Creative Collective)- Aimed to Empower emerging creatives in the African Diaspora with business, branding and collaborative opportunities and skills

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2018 (to be updated)

Early Years Service

Cape Society of the Blind

2017 (to be updated)

West Coast Art Fair