Yvette Hess about page

"Hello, I'm Yvette and I've been an artist all my life. I just never realized it. I am grateful for all the roles and spaces I have occupied on my journey- including the ones that were uncomfortable, to finding myself, accepting myself and learn how to trust myself. Here, you'll find the artworks, or writing, I've made within my cycles of overwhelming emotions. But there's more." 

There's always more. Hence why this About Page is a mouthful.

I am Yvette. I’m a fine artist and creative consultant who specializes in creative brand expression. I help people just like you design the business and life of your dreams.

If your brand is not shining out in a sea of dreary cookie cutter marketing and helping you thrive, both professionally and personally, it’s not your fault. It’s your marketing’s fault. By now you probably suspect that the marketers who have promised you the earth and delivered little, are not The right fit for you and your brand. It’s not even their fault either because most marketing/branding companies are trained to get your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible. They focus on reach. On resonance and register, not so much.

If your creative elements and messaging don’t grab your potential customers by their hearts you’ll not enroll many of them to your cause. I’ve said time and time again, “Don’t do it for the likes, people don’t like that.”

This is where I come in. I help you develop a unique visual expression of your brand so that you can stand out in a sea of sameness, and shine. I help you attract customers who value what you have to offer and are prepared to pay for it.

Why choose me to help you shine?

I’m certainly not your average artist and branding expert. Apparently, I’m afflicted with bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. It took such a toll on my life for so many years that I became dove into coping with alcohol.

When I reached the end of my tether three years ago, scratching out a semblance of a life at a mind-numbing job, I had my Road to Damascus experience. It wasn’t a blinding revelation like it was for Paul, but a subtle voice, nuanced to penetrate through the disaster that was my life. “Change now Yvette; or die.”

In that moment I chose to live. I quit my job started painting and later quit the alcohol. And then carried on painting. And … painting. After a couple of months I started to heal.

The unintended consequence of painting was that I became good at it. My talent was forged in a crucible of desperation and turned into a beacon of hope. Once the haze had lifted, a hidden genius was revealed. This genius and this painting apparently resonated with people (messy people, disruptors, square pegs in round holes and innovators). They started buying my paintings. And, “the rest”, as they say, “is history”.

So, here we sit, you and I. A girl, again, apparently, afflicted with bipolar disorder and depression, asking you how I can use this genius and help you express your brand and shine.

I live in Mosselbay with my husband, and three children. In the past three years I’ve completed more projects, and artworks that I can keep track of (thank goodness for Accountants and documenting everything on Instagram). I have initiated incredible collaborations like Abstract Expressions and Not Another Collective (an initiative powered by young creatives aiming to disrupt the way we do art, business and the space between these two worlds).

Reach out to me and let’s see how I can help your brand stand out in a sea of mediocrity, in storytelling and in art, so that you can design the life of your dreams.

Interesting Facts About Me

  • My story has been told by the Cape Times, Cape Argus, Heart FM, The South African Depression and Anxiety Group, Beautiful News SA and Mercedes Benz SA and Klop on kykNET, the International Bipolar Foundation, BP Hope Magazine
  • I’m an AVA Gallery Art Reach Alumni and Society6 Artist.
  • I attended art school and majored in Fine Art for 1 year
  • Among my notable work is initiating the first West Coast Art Fair in 2016, printing a limited edition collection of affirmation journals in 2018, exhibiting at the #ThincAfrica Hospitality conference at the Westin, Gallery MOMO in Cape Town (both group exhibitions with Not Another Collective) and the #Thatswhatshesaid female artist exhibition with other select female artists in 2019. 
  • My writing is documented extensively on my blog, Yve’s Corner, a collaborative blog called Our Lived Experienceand now on this website. Some of my memorable entries touch on being a single parent and being married with children, sobriety, manic episodes, sex, and suicide.
  • (Related to the above ) I’m an "oversharer"
  • I used to be a dancer - Zulu dancing, modern and the Rumba. I traveled South Africa and even danced for the DA (No one is perfect)
  • I used to be a booking agent and manager of music bands while writing for music magazines (Grassy Sparkwas one of the bands I can mention *name dropping like a boss*)
  • I love using brackets because I thrive in in-between spaces

Whether you are drawn in by the curly hair, the telling eyes, the poetry in my voice, my evocative art or the messiness of it all; this is me, Yvette.

Reach out, let’s talk! 

Drop me a mail, hello@yvettehess.com :)