To Be Koi
To Be Koi

To Be Koi

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  • 605mm x 900mm
  • Oil
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Palette Knife

About this piece

Just before painting the To Be Koi oil painting, I created the Dirty Swan.  With the swan painting, I tried a few techniques, but my main fear or concern was the water. If I had a rand for every time someone said that water was a "nightmare", I'd probably have R50 (haha). My concern mainly centered around creating realistic water- or more importantly, water. Now obviously besides the koi fish itself I need to get right, I needed to create the water AND make sure I capture the movement of the water. Subtle ripples appeared as very slight changes in colour.

And then there were some more obvious ripples too. To be koi, was an attempt to correct mistakes I made with the Dirty Swan. The swan painting was moody and the water was created using mainly the colours I used for the highlights. To Be Koi, was a whole other ballgame. I had to capture movement AND light! The blues and varying hues really challenged me when it came to mixing the colours. What a mission! I decided to just myself (for lack of a better word), and motor through the painting.

As I moved through the ripples with my trusty palette knives, I saw the water build into a sea of awesomeness. I'm sure that's a thing, right? Maybe. It was amazing to see it all come together. I suppose that "warm feeling" you get when you see the piece finally makes sense and not look like you don't know what you're doing is like a cheerleader, cheering you on.

I felt the cheers deep inside and saw the pom-poms go crazy as I finished the last few strokes. You know those, "whoop whoop!" moments. Someone should bottle that and sell it as an additional extra!

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