Rooirok Bokkie

Rooirok Bokkie

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  • 297 mm x 420 mm
  • Mixed Media
  • Fabriano Paper

About this piece

Work from my 2019 Clinic Stay for a mixed episode - Depression and Mania- mIxed episode.

From Instagram:

Still 2019, in the same clinic stay. It’s the same period I did the other “counting” paintings, like “All the Times” you’ll see in my store.

So yeah, Still drawing... this time drawing in charcoal and ink.

Everything had been expansive the past few days I’ve been cleaning up, expansion of moments. A wave of tiredness has hit me from the back of the eyes.

This was one of the mixed media paintings I did, which my one collector and friend grabbed very quickly @williamhughbutler . When I put all the pieces together, the drawings, the counting, the chanting, I see much more now. 2019 was a year of pain, I was ripe for the blessings coming my way. All it took, was looking at it with a different set of eyes.


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