Come Away From the Edge
Come Away From the Edge

Come Away From the Edge

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  • Oil
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Palette Knife

About this piece

"Come Away from the Edge" is one of my most recent, emotionally-charged creations. I dedicated a full blog post to it and you are welcome to read it and engage me on the topic of creativity and treating depression.

What Scott says about "Come Away From the Edge"

This is what well-respected artist, Scott Eric Williams had to say about this artwork:

"The sense of volume in this oil painting’s large body of water speaks to the artist's "desperate need to get away.” Initially drawing inspiration from the musician Jude’s song, “I know”, Yvette hints at the water’s rhythmic qualities and abilities to gently call one ‘away from the edge’. A lone figure at the edge of the pier punctuates the expanse and for a fleeting moment, the viewer sees the isolation which the mental health sufferer constantly battles. The title of the image refers to the edge as being the brink of a regrettable decision such as ending one’s own life."

Where did the "Come Away From the Edge" oil painting stem from?

In my experience, the one major thing that changed my life in terms of how to deal with my depressive episodes and finding the courage to face my demons, is embracing the healing power of creativity. I know, it seems like a whole lot of "up in the clouds" talk but it truly is magical once you get it. The piece I created was inspired by the song, "I know" by Jude. This song forms part of a playlist that was created for me by one of my cousins after my first suicide attempt. Feel free to have a listen- and look at the painting while you do.

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Come away from the edge even when it is beautiful

When you look at the man standing on the edge, you get a sense that there is a longing in his heart and at the same time there is a sense of peace. He is mesmerized by the "edge". Just like most of us are when we are reading to give up. We have made peace with the defeat, and want to be free of pain and trying and suffering.

But even with this mesmerizing beauty that this edge possesses, we need to remind ourselves that this is the end. There is no tomorrow. There is no hope there. Do not give up. Did not give in to the alluring beauty. "I know there's nowhere you can hide it. I know the feeling of alone. I know that you do not feel invited. But come back, come back in from the cold."

Becoming a creative has truly put me in touch with my inner child- and has given me the opportunity to strengthen the skills I need to work on my troubled past. How has being creative helped you in life?

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