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  • Charcoal
  • 297mm x 420mm
  • Sketchpad 

About this piece

Sold art. Commissions welcome. Email

Work from my 2019 Clinic Stay for a mixed episode - Depression and Mania- mIxed episode.
I drew a lot. Just observing. Meditating while everything spun around.  

From Instagram post:

“I can’t draw”. Do you know how many times I’ve said that? And believed it? I still kinda do. But also not. I think everybody can draw but it’s more about whether YOU like how, your style of drawing. I rejected my drawing style for many, many years.

Now I can look back at old drawings and appreciate what just came naturally, what wasn’t trying to be anything it wasn’t. This is a drawing From 2019, with one of my collectors (and friends, and colleagues ☺️) @brionylibercoaching .

I remember being so fascinated with Bradley, the uncle in the drawing. He kept reminding me in our conversation on the bus, that he’s a nobody. And I thought, but why would this person not see how incredible he is, he is a somebody! What if they didn’t matter? What if he was genuinely happy? What if he knew who he was beyond this body?  


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