Momentarily Purr-fect
Momentarily Purr-fect
Momentarily Purr-fect
Momentarily Purr-fect

Momentarily Purr-fect

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  • 3 x 200mm x 200mm canvases make up this set
  • Oil
  • Stretched canvas

About this piece

Here, 3 oil paintings of a black cat capture the beautiful moments I enjoy with my cat, Ray, in the evenings. Perfect (Purr-fect) moments are always worth capturing. Done in oil paint with a palette knife.

I have a few oil paintings of a black cat in my store.

Why 3 oil paintings of a black cat?

It was one of those moments when you catch yourself staring at someone you love or deep in thought appreciating the sound of waves crashing on the rocks that I tried to capture. In the evenings, when I cook, our cat, Ray (short for Raymond but inspired by the phrase “ray of sunshine”) comes to stand at the front door and watch the birds settle on the balcony wall.

I imagine he has hundreds of ideas on how to catch the swallows, but he is cool, calm, and very smooth as he quietly passes them sitting on the wall. I decided to capture a few of his memorable poses as three oil paintings. Since we adopted Ray last year on 17th March 2017, I have dealt much better with my mental illness and my sobriety.

Maybe he’s a distraction? Or maybe I just needed the company in bed as I worked through the episodes. Whatever it is, it’s working. So because of my work as a growing artist, I am free to create art pieces of my muses. And Ray is definitely one of them.
Besides, it is awesome creating oil paintings of a black cat. They have something magical and mystical about them.

Ray has a confidence about him, which I admire and envy on many days. But then I realize that he’s just being himself, confidence in all that he is. And maybe that inspires me sometimes too. Just to remain authentic.

Be yourself. It’s really not that bad of an idea at all.

Do you remember Black Cat Peanut Butter at all? I googled an old advert. Oh my, I’m giving away my age!

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