The Heart Stuff
The Heart Stuff

The Heart Stuff

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  • 297mm x 420mm
  • Mixed Media
  • Fabriano Paper

About this piece

“We focus on the blood that gives life. We focus on the red that brings warmth. But that it’s not the only provider of life. Or at least in my mind. Some people rely heavily on what they are taught or were indoctrinated to believe will give them all they need. Those are often people who not the happiest of people.
Sometimes, if we follow blindly, we may not be all we can be or live the life we want to live. Not all your answers will come from the questions already posed. Sometimes you need to ask your own questions. Find your own answers. Find your own or make your own.
Are roses red because you are blue?”
~ Yvette Hess

In the process of creating other abstract expressionism artwork pieces, I decided to write poetry to accompany it.

According to Britannica, abstract expressionism art has the following characteristics:

"Abstract Expressionist paintings share several broad characteristics. They are basically abstract—i.e., they depict forms not drawn from the visible world. They emphasize free, spontaneous, and personal emotional expression, and they exercise considerable freedom of technique and execution to attain this goal, with a particular emphasis laid on the exploitation of the variable physical character of paint to evoke expressive qualities (e.g., sensuousness, dynamism, violence, mystery, lyricism). They show similar emphasis on the unstudied and intuitive application of that paint in a form of psychic improvisation akin to the automatism of the Surrealists, with a similar intent of expressing the force of the creative unconscious in art. They display the abandonment of conventionally structured composition built up out of discrete and segregable elements and their replacement with a single unified, undifferentiated field, network, or other image that exists in unstructured space. And finally, the paintings fill large canvases to give these aforementioned visual effects both monumentality and engrossing power."

I think I found a home in abstract expressionism. At least for now anyway.


Completed: 2018

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