Blue Flame
Blue Flame

Blue Flame

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  • 300mm x 500mm
  • Mixed Media
  • Stretched Canvas

About this piece

When one of my best friends committed suicide almost 2 years ago, I thought I would never see her again. That’s obvious. But when I really started living and got up from under my rock, I saw that she was still with me. Her nickname was Blue. And as you know by now, I use a lot of blue in my work.

I could list a myriad of other ways I still feel her around in my life. She never really left me. And if I’m honest, the more people I meet, the more of her I seem to find in others. I used to feel different and out of place in the world, but she always reminded me of the gifts I possessed. Always. So thank you Ulla for reminding me that I am fire. I’m made of blue flames, a lot of love and I’m made of memories of you too. 💙 I miss you.

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