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  • 297mm x 420 mm
  • Ink
  • Fabriano Paper

About this piece

I create through everything. I write. I paint. I develop new ways of serving. This, especially at the times when it seems the hardest but my body craves it the most. The past while has been incredibly challenging - seeing things for what they are and also not. Seeing things for what I believe them to be, and what they are not. With every discovery, come the moments of trauma. Those moments where you see that all that pain you carried, all that responsibility you held tight- came because you held onto something (a belief) or someone that never belonged to you to begin with.

Maybe it's traumatic because it seems self-inflicted? You can't blame anyone really, you believed it after all. And once you let go of it, oh my! What will you replace it with? But what if, darling, you enjoy the space between? What if there's no rush to replace one belief with the other? What if you enjoy threading and making your own, as you go and grow and glow along?

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