(A)nother Series 1 - Background Tactics

(A)nother Series 1 - Background Tactics

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  • 210mm × 297mm
  • Ink
  • 300gsm Mixed Media Paper

About this piece

Earlier this year, I painted through the feeling of being different. And not in a good way.
It was and still is a feeling that stems from childhood and sits with me still from time to time. It tells me that I am not of this world, nor am I for it. This feeling has kept me on the outskirts of groups and cliques and even in ordinary conversations with people.

Being able to belong is a longing and I think that I found a myriad of ways to cope with the fact and discomfort of knowing, I’ll never truly belong anyway.

I did a small series called “(An)other”, one work was stolen. Yep, the second one for the year. I’ll do a separate post on the loss and why it was not only a significant loss but a significant lesson.

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