W.H.O. Knew- Procreate mashup
W.H.O. Knew- Procreate mashup

W.H.O. Knew- Procreate mashup

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“W.H.O Knew”2020. Yvette Hess. Copyright. 

35cm x 35 cm on Fine Art Textured Silk paper 270gsm. 

Limited to 10 editions.

Artist notes:

Last share for today. This was a mashup challenge by @procreate . We had to take a dragon, a tent and a picture frame I think 🤔 and create a digital illustration. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought why not.
This was entitled “W.H.O Knew”. The story centered around dragon / dinosaur (I got the D okay 😂) visiting a museum looking at the work of a dinosaur artist’s work. The work of the dinosaur artist spoke of the future, spoke of Covid (it was early days), spoke of the speculation. The viewer, the dinosaur, though held back by a barrier, could still experience the work (light from fire shining on him).

I included Cape Town’s Table Mountain, a motherland, a place of birth.

W.H.O. knew it would all come to this.


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