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Christmas giveaway! Win a studio experiment, a painting, and an affirmation journal

Yay! Another Yvette Hess Instagram Competition! (Ha! I hope you enjoyed that Instagram video of my boys :))

Yes, I say another because I ran one earlier the year and the lovely Celeste Stewart won one of my original sketches! I tried to run another one earlier the year but it just didn’t work out as the winner never claimed their prize.

But that’s why we have more of these fun ones!

The brief backstory

2018 has been a year full of ripening possibilities for me. I shared that magic with you in different ways but the most special was the affirmation journals I created. I worked with Lin Kayton, from Londonderry and Brook to use the very same affirmations that pulled me through some tough times on limited edition printed personal journals.

Well, Lin had one each reserved for me.

As a thank you to you, my supporters and those who were part of my 2018 year of possibilities, I am giving away:

  • 1 x A5 signed studio experiment (the original drafting of the subject matter that became the inspiration for the poem ‘Dormant Possibilities’
  • 1 x A5 signed painting (the painting that became the cover for the affirmation journal ‘I AM POSSIBILITY’)
  • 1 x I AM EVOLVING journal
  • ‘Dormant Possibilities’ poem printed



Dormant Possibilities: The Poem

We write of the torment, in the midst of the storm.

Words tell the story of ruin and debris and a life that we mourn.

We write of the damage all eyes can see.

All the damage that once was me

We write about falling to pieces and we’re left with a mess

A mess of glitter and sparkle, feelings that we suppress.

We are left with Regret, her singing for weeks and weeks to come

Singing of all the magic and wonder, gone.

I wrote of those stories too.

My pages filled a book with dark inks and hard lines.

Into it I poured the stories of the aftermath of episodic demise.

There were no greys or in-betweens.

No light.

Just a book of horrors I was chained to

My comfort of darkness I held tight.

In my mind I knew that I was not well. In my mind, this was all that I was, me, enslaved, to a living hell.

And then it was time to go.


The end of episodes  sneaked off as softly as they appeared

And as new routine set in, with clean sheets, daily showers and brushed teeth,

I swept clean the aftermath of the storm that came from within.

But what wonder I found when I went to purge the neglected veg. Because How can you cook when you’re living on the edge?

I expected mould and decay.

Death was a certainty for all, even for those forgotten veggies anyway.

Tiny leaves and stems grew from its eyes, not tears, not lies.

And then I knew the darkness was its friend, holding it safe- the perfect space.

Those potatoes were not meant for my stew or my soup.


They were meant to be planted, deep into the soil, into the darkness I knew so well.

And as I touched the tender leaves, I realized I wasn’t dying either. I realIzed it wasn’t the devil that was dormant seeking to be free.

It was me.

I had to let go of the book I held so tightly.

It was the only way to breathe new life into me,

It was the only way to breathe new life into Possibility.


Feeling inspired?

All you have to do to enter is?

  1. Smile 🙂 I appreciate your support this year so feel my gratitude like a warm hug!
  2. Just tell me in the comments below what was so incredible about 2018 for you or what magic do you foresee for 2019?

*Terms and Conditions apply

**Winners must reside in South Africa. The winners will be announced on 23rd December 2018 (by my boys of course).



*Terms and conditions

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  • Heather de Beer

    2018 has been a difficult year (I lost my Dad in April and suffered from bad depression for most of the year) but it has been a year of learning to find the true me, the Heather I am meant to be and this journey will continue into 2019.

  • Briony

    In 2018 I met the most wonderful new clients and friends and I started to feel very comfortable in my own skin.

    In 2019 I am planning to keep building on the foundations that I developed in 2018 and make magic through strong nurturing relationships (with myself and with others).

  • Desiree-Anne Martin

    2018. what a beautiful, magical, heart-wrenching year. i survived a mixed mood bipolar episode, i detached myself from a toxic codependent relationship, i raised my two daughters with integrity and love and being present, i survived the instability of my husband travelling for work all the time. i stayed sober another year and wore glitter and sequins in my hair and danced to the music that kept me sane. i nurtured healthy friendships and decided who truly added value to my life. i self-published a poetry book and published my memoir. i spoke my truth and it resonated with people. I spoke my truth. with vulnerability and no shame. it was time. 2018. you were a blessing beyond measure.

    2019. i am choosing to live my truth. be all that i am: a recovery and mental health advocate, an addictions counsellor, a poet, an author, a mom, a wife, a warrior woman!

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