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The Freedom Between my Thighs- (written in 2014, edited 2020) by Yvette Hess


The Freedom between my thighs

Consoles his fears

Of being a smaller man,

A lesser man

By consuming me.


Fists aim for the sky

But land on either eye-

I’m blinded by promises,

Once again left


My insides hate me for allowing

His bitter tongue to taste me.

So I wait for the lashings daily


Pregnant with the truth

Pregnant with his fruit

Ignorant to the fact that I can escape:

And live life full,

Not bruised,

Not used.

Not only seeing black and blue

In the rainbow.


What rainbow?

What chivalry?

What loyalty?

What honesty?


My soul weeps, shrivelled next to yours


Cut deep because of words-


Swords of neglect

Cursings I’d like to forget.


You rip me to pieces with that look-

That look that says

I disgust you

That I remind you

Of your father who killed your mother

He stabbed her.

He killed her.

He kicked her.

He fed her

And she was grateful.

You were born of this,

Born with arms high,

Born fighting.

You were born crying.


This child of ours, will be born

Also fighting,


Born free,

Yet Suffocating

Of this Neverending story.




Also no recollection writing this. I am curious to hear what your thoughts are on this?

I still feeling like I’m recovering from myself. 

Take care of all parts of yourself.


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  • Margo Schopf on

    Such heart wrenching words. Really moved me M

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