Writing - 25.03.2021 - Poetry - The Movie

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There is such a lot of pain,
So much embarrassment and humiliation.
Things she can’t believe she allowed-
And swallowed
All because of what she was taught to believe about herself.
And it makes her sick and it makes her sad.
The same feelings on spin cycle manifesting
As real life -
This matrix, this made-for-TV reality
Where writer, director and actor
Take the lead in the show:
“We All Know Down”

Behind Blue eyes
she plays hero and villain ,
Jane Doe, a story for the people
starring every one -
winning and losing
Rising and falling
Overcoming nothing but
The battlefield that is the mind.

Yet, Feelings tell the tales of living
And Scars speak about surviving
These experiences part of the script
making and breaking the plot.

Who will sit with her right to the end
When the credits sign her name,
As Star,
As whom to thank-
And who is to blame,
Critiqued for using her body as art-
Painting Her lifelines as the red carpet.

Who will sit with her when the final curtain falls,
when she bows out
and kneels to the ground-
Where all the fallen stars
Find their feet and eyes
seeking the heavens on earth.

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