Writing - 11.05.2021

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My Real life.
My Art.
I must trust that all of this will lead me to my life’s greatest work...
That all my failures will become my greatest success...That it already is all I want it to be... All I have to do is LIVE to see it through.

I can tell you that art is my life. It saves me because it is who I am. So art I must be, and it is your job to criticize it. It is your response to own - to respond to what I feel, real and imagined.

Show me your book of life, your hero’s journey, and I’ll show you mine- a picture book far from perfect.

Like I said about an artist friend, “Your survival is important because your victory is shared.”

Maybe I’ll read this post in 5 years, thanks to Facebook, and I’ll cry because I’ll say to myself “if only you knew that you are own wish come true.”

#suicidesurvivor #youaretheartist #holdon #mentalhealth

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