“Trusting” - 17.10.2020 - Writing

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I'm trusting the yearning to be in this skin.
I'm trusting the call to be present in the body.
This body is a gift to be unwrapped
A body of experiences
A body of sensations
A body of memories
Of pain
Of anger
Of beauty
Of beyond
More than a body.
More than the story about the body.
Maybe I'm just the keeper
Of this scared space.
The observer within this holy place.
A conduit for me to begin again.
Maybe it isn't just a body.
Maybe it's a way
Maybe it's a bridge to the other side.
Even if it is not.
Even if there was no other side.
I want to feel safe in the skin I'm in.

Yvette Hess Self portrait contemporary nude

“Immersing in emergence” 2019. Yvette Hess.

It's an old picture of the same feeling. Next cycle, here I go.

I decided to share more of my social media writing on my blog. The original post can be found on my Instagram account here.

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