Tired Creatives Are No Good

Look after Yourself

As an artist and as a creative- I am familiar with courage and the cost of it. There is a cost to everything, including that of inaction. We can choose to create or not, speak or not- and carry the consequences of that. So in this time, I choose to NOT be fearful and rather spend time on the gift that truly keeps on giving: my soul.

What does that look like? For now, it seems to mean being a little quieter. I am not concerned about stats and likes and engagement- not for engagement’s sake anyway.

Is that a crime? I don’t know. The analytics police haven’t come to knock at my door YET.

I find myself sitting here, in bed (my other office) thinking about stuff. I am almost overwhelmed -almost- by all the things I could do and the sheer number of people I could help (read: ‘save’). But I realized a while ago that may not be the point of being a “creative”.

Nope. In fact, the minute I go into “coach mode”, I feel depleted. Artists are here and born with gifts to evoke and stir something inside the viewer: A reaction and hopefully action, a change or the fuel to continue a fight. Sometimes, I think we also get caught in a trap of chasing a specific reaction, or action- attaching success to that result. We tire ourselves out and label our efforts and creations, as failures. Or as experiments. Not as experience or as art. But that’s a different topic- what art is- and I’ll probably never cover that topic it here, ever.

The work I take on, projects, collabs, are all centered around this idea: empowering others to help themselves. It is a way for me to keep making and not to dwell in the overwhelm. Because as much as we are magical, awesome, badass creative beings- again, we cannot save the whole world. Okay, maybe we can, but imagine saving the world, day in and day out. We’d be so tired and bored.

Creative A: What are we going to do today, bro?

Creative B: Save the world. Obvs.

Creative A: Okay, but this time save it as a PNG with a transparent background. *Derrumtishhhh*

We are not the answer. We hold the questions people need to ask themselves, to change (their world). We hold the key to creating new possibilities. But what would be the quality of those new possibilities if we were bored or tired or worse yet, bitter from ‘failures’?

More importantly, what good is a bored, tired, or bitter artist? No good. No good at all.

Most importantly a bored, tired and bitter artist becomes blinded to other possibilities that extend beyond selling (art) and buying approval (of gatekeepers).

So rest, or drink gummiberry juice or meditate. Your why- your voice and the clarity thereof lies in your well(ness). That’s the well ‘they’- other artists, critics, entrepreneurs, students, wellness coaches, politicians, restaurant owners, surfers, council workers, your family, your friends, and your children, draw from.

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