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It is a privilege to witness the experience of the dreams and aspirations of our artists become a reality. Michael Angelo thank you for your work, your voice and your powerful message.

Michaelangelo with his art

 Michaelangelo Abrahams - artist and poet

Michaelangelo and Yvette in front of artTattoo studio Michaelangelo Centurion

You show us what is possible, in all forms and that you are the dream come true of those who came before us.
If only the previous generation could see how they gave birth to Dreamers and Artists, beings with the power and loving nature to uplift and change the world...
They birthed heroes in painting overalls.
With your graduation coming up, I want to say thank you for keeping on, and thank you to the many who supported you. We know it hasn't been easy but you have always counted your blessings. You inspire.


Finished art - my ink painting I asked Michael to turn into a real tattoo. And it only cost R100. Safe, affordable, excellent work. check out his tattoo Instagram account here:

Thank you for turning my ink painting into a beautiful tattoo. From one artist to another, I want to say thank you for turning my survival into art. I wrote about it my last blogpost here

Visit Michaelangelo in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa to see his gallery and support. From jewelry, professional tattooing (all safety protocols observed) to urban gardening, to drawings, illustrations- GOLD. Affordable, honest, reflective, important stories and healing soul talk. Most of all, you can count this artist to see YOU and hear what you have to say.

Artist, DREAM, DREAM, DREAM. Your dream come true can save someone's life.

We are proud of you Mike!

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Fine liner:



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