Love, Suspended - Valentine’s Day has come again

LOVE, SUSPENDED 2020 limited edition digital print series

Happy Valentine’s Day ✨🌱🤗❤️

When I was invited to create work for the Eclectica Contemporary ‘Margins’ womxn’s group show in 2020, my process included digital colour and texture studies (seen below) before I created the oil paintings which were included in the show.

Within the Skin 1” 2020. Limited edition print on Textured silk paper. 

The prints in the Love Suspended (love is in the air) were born from the concept of memories of emotions within the body. How nostalgia is both separate and inherent- how it is suspended between the physical and non present. 

To me, Copper is the colour of between, not yet dead, as Autum, not yet burned , as the slow embers.

I used my technique, I call “Painting with light” as a way to bring out, to reveal, rather than to place objects on the canvas. To me, that is the process and experience of feeling- it reveals what is true and what isn’t.

I could say the timing is great to release these again as it’s Valentine’s Day today 😅, but Valentine’s has been more, for so many years, been about “the other”.

Yet, love is so personal and all about you. Love is warm and nostalgic- YOU feel the warmth, it is YOUR sense of nostalgia from your memories and longing.

This is the fifth series of works that came from the invitation to create for the show last year. It’s just the way I work, one thing leading to the next, so many concepts connected, tied to one another.

There are 7 designs and 2 sizes: A3 and A1 - limited editions of 10.

I experimented with two different framing designs and loved how the designs further worked with the artworks themselves. For framing in Cape Town, I can definitely recommend Craft Picture Framers or Stuart Trent gallery in Pretoria. 

All artwork exclusively printed by Johannesburg based Silvertone International

You can email or go directly to the Collection in my store here

What does Valentine’s Day signify, for you?

- Yve 

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