Looking Back - Art - 5 April 2019

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Using Facebook’s nifty activity log, I am reflecting on old works, their meanings and what was happening at the time I created them. 

One of the works below were included in the Spring show at Ruth Prowse school of art I attended but unfortunately went missing. I don’t think there is anything more painful than work that goes missing or gets lost or damaged. This especially when you were not even completely present in the creation of it - no memory’s of process but an expression of a truth nevertheless. And when that work goes missing, it is like a memory or moment, that evidence that you were alive, is gone too. 

(A)nother series artbrut Yvette Hess

Yvette Hess outsider art artbrut

Yvette Hess artbrut

Available here


Yvette Hess artbrut outsider art belonging

Available here

I copied the Facebook and Instagram text below. 

Painting through some tough feelings this morning. The feeling of being different. And not in a good way.

It’s a feeling that stems from childhood and sits with me still. That I am not of this world , nor am I for it. This feeling keeps me on the outskirts of groups and cliques and even in the conversation with one other person.

Being able to belong is a longing and I think that I found a myriad of ways to cope with the fact and discomfort of knowing, I’ll never truly belong anyway.

The series is called “(An)other”

I’ll probably explore this more as time goes on.

“The background tactics” 2019. Mixed media on A4 300gsm paper 

“She never knew” 2019. Mixed media on A4 300gsm paper. 

“It should have been me” 2019. Mixed media on A3 300gsm paper.

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