I am a suicide survivor - 30.04.2021

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Yvette Hess Suicide Mental health tattoo

I am a suicide survivor.

All I can share is what I learn while in the dark which comes time and time again.
I know that Every day counts; Every breath counts.
I also know that many of us want to be heroes but not every one wants to be saved. That helplessness is loaded with so many things.

One day the war will be over, but for now, all I know is the battle that is 'Yve', the battle to find the reason to stay, to SEE the Y in all of this chaos and pathway to grace.
But when I fail at the attempt to rid the world of me, I also have to find the reason why I survive.

Thank you to the artist, Michaelangelo Abrahams (art and professional Tattoostudio) for taking one of my ink drawings and turning it into art for me. I am honoured and will be forever grateful I permanently (haha) own a piece of original art by the Great Mike - a true artist and someone who has inspired me over the years. It was great to meet after all this time.

Thank you to Darryl, the first responder, always the first on the scene when I'm on fire. Sometimes you hold the match and sometimes you hold the jug of water. 😅
I appreciate you. I love you.

I'm grateful for my path and my failures- at least for today. I am alive because of everything I have achieved and most definitely alive because of my failures.

Today I'm a winner. Today, I became art.

YOU too can turn your hurt into art.

You are the artist of your life.


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