2019 MOM Diary by the Papery - An Honest Review

When I was invited to by Alison Deary to be part of the team to join the papery mom diary review for The Papery’s MOM diary 2019, I was so happy!  I’ve heard fellow blogger, Lynne Huysamen rave about the diary before but never really went to check it out. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the call!

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In this post, I share with you, the amazing features of this very versatile diary. Although I review the MOM diary, I decided to review it as something more general as you know I’m a Jaclynn of all trades 😉 All the opinions in this Papery Mom Diary review, are my own.


I’m used to doing giveaways and so does The Papery, but due to some technical issues with WordPress and Guten-something or the other, I couldn’t share the fabulous hamper 2019 giveaway last year where you could have won the following:

  • 2 x 2019 MOM or WOW Diary
  • 1 x  A4 Scribblz Journal
  • 1 x A5 Scribblz Journal
  • 2 x A5 Scribblz Foiled Notebooks
  • 1 x pack of LEGO Highlighters
  • Delivery to one location in South Africa

Why tell you?

Well, take this as a huge nudge: Keep your eyes glued to the social media pages. on The Papery’s social pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Nine years ago, when Alison first designed the MOM diary, she did it not only for herself but has helped many, many women manage life a bit better. Okay, more than a bit better. Let me show how she did it!

So, what’s inside the diary?

There’s the standard info:

  • Personal Details
  • Emergency Details
  • Emergency Numbers (South Africa)
  • Public Holidays (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia)
  • Days to Remember (like World Earth Day, Valentine’s day)
  • Anniversary Gift List
  • School terms
  • Calendar (including January and February 2020 monthly planners)

But then there are also some nifty tools that made my experience with the MOM diary very different to what I expected.

Firstly, there’s a guide on how to make the most of it!

With most store-bought diaries, you’d be surprised if you got a standard greeting in your diary. But Alison and her team add a full personal touch and provide the story behind the diary AND go in-depth on how to get the best of your diary (under the Setting Up your Diary section). The help you ensure that your diary works for you!

Where it gets interesting with the Papery MOM diary review

Although I have the MOM 2019 diary, I have reviewed it more as a WOW diary (this is the other diary The Paper produces). So think of it as me saying, “I may be a mom, but I’m not only that!”

I also decided to review the MOM diary how it helps me as a creative person who lives with mental illness stay motivated, consistent and feel like I have things under control. This is incredibly important not only for me to be more patient with my kids (and husband!), but consistency in business is imperative to maintain the trust you build with your clients.

This brings me to one of the features I love in the diary the most (there’s more in store): the Handy Information Section.

So, what’s in there that gets me excited?

A section called Handy Information! I know, right?

Here you can jot down the following important information:

  • Bank and credit card information (account numbers, enquiries telephone numbers and even the number to cancel your cards should you lose your cards!)
  • Your motor vehicle information (your registration number, driver’s expiry date, when your next service is due).
  • Your medical aid information (your medical aid number, contact numbers, and your blood group),
  • Insurance Policy information (it goes in-depth to specify long-term and short-term insurance details)

And there’s even a space for your tax number!

Now that’s not only handy, but it eases my anxiety drastically!

During my episodes, I’m often frazzled. I forget my purse or keys, I can’t find my medical aid cards, etc, so this kind of support- which I believe it is- really is something that will ease my anxiety when I am getting help. I can take my Papery MOM Diary and go straight to my therapist or hospital to at least contact the best people to help me.

Information like this could also be an immense help to paramedics on the scene of an accident, for example.

Month-at-a-glance and Monthly TO DO List features

I’ve always preferred a birds’ eye view on a month, over day-to-day because often I feel very overwhelmed when I see a million things to do in one day all written (frantically!). So of course in my Papery MOM Diary review, I’m going to feature this point. Included in these monthly features, is the My Goals for This Month section. In 2019, I wanted to be more specific about my intention and goals and what I want with regards to my family life and business. This feature, although small to some who write down their goals regularly, is a big one for me. It means I can align my actions with my intentions, with a sense of being assertive.

Weekly words of Wisdom

In 2018, I learned more about the power of affirmations and how incredible the right motivation (or words and sentiment) at the right time, can be life-changing. So this little feature was also something that made me smile. It’s like a soft whisper at the beginning of the week to urge you to take a deep breath and get ready for a great week.

Of course, my Papery MOM Diary review includes how the diary actually works!

Every day is broken up into:

  • The actual day’s timeline section
  • Important numbers, dates and reminders section
  • Family and Social section
  • My goals and personal wellbeing section
  • Today I am Grateful For section

The back of the Papery MOM Diary

Right at the back is where you’ll see where the split happens between the MOM Diary and the WOW Diary. In my MOM Diary version, you’ll find the following that’s mom-related content:

  • Kids Extramural Activities (both Summer and Winter sections- very clever!) – This may be a bit tricky for me as I have 3 kids and there's space for only two children.
  • Family Important information (space to write down for a family of four)
    • ID number, Passport number (and expiry dates), blood group
    • Cell-phone related numbers including PUK number
    • Bank account number
    • Medical aid details
    • Movie card numbers
    • Childhood illnesses history (also a very clever idea!)
    • Injection history (I think this would also be a great place to add any information about your pet’s medical history). Here I added when I will be deworming my boys at the end of January.
  • Double page to paste class lists (for  class birthday parties!)
  • Basic first aid and safety tips
    • This is a great section filled with very basic information but definitely something that will save you time (and data in googling). It’s right at your fingertips.
  • “Creating Balance” – a section dedicated to explaining how to set up an organizational system that works for you, setting goals, and about creating flow in YOUR life.

Like I said, with this Papery MOM diary review, I’ll be taking a more general overlook, as a mom who does everything, so I’ll mention some of the other sections in the back that aren’t mom-related. The other “non-mom” things are:

  • Business and Personal Telephone Contact list
  • Bullet Journal lists (Yes, I said Bullet Journal)

Why I included the bullet journals in this Papery MOM diary review

Mostly because I’m lazy. I love Bullet Journals. Last year, I spent quite a bit of time developing what worked for me. I enjoyed that I could track things like my habits – there was a sense of control. But as the year progressed, I became busier and it became more and more difficult to make time to set up these trackers. So when I saw the habit tracker, I squealed! I can add colour and complete it as I wish. Why I never thought of this, I don’t know but I’m glad it’s there!

The other lists are (amongst others):

  • My bucket list
  • My personal wishlist
  • Borrowed and LOaned Items
  • Things that make me smile
  • My Career
  • Self Care


My overall opinion: my Papery MOM diary review

It has a luxuriously soft, velvety feel (It’s Italian Leatherette) and comes in four colours and themes:

  • Sunshine Yellow ( the one I have in the images of this Papery MOM diary review blog)- A year to shine
  • Floral Heart- A year to love
  • Leaf Green- A year to grow
  • Lilac Dream- A year to dream

One of the ways my mind works is that it’s like the universe- with stars and planets all-important, but different aspects needing my attention at once. The Papery’s diary- although I used the MOM diary, allows me to reach for the stars, in a way that is manageable and still inspired by being intentional. I can manage all my roles and still prioritize myself.

What I needed, was a space to reflect and prioritize and that’s what the diary fulfilled-but it did it simply and in a way that works for me. I can bet that that can be attributed to Alison’s years of experience, something I can definitely trust! Other than it may be a bit cramped if you have a very large family to get all the info recorded, it is a resource I plan to make my best friend in 2019, the year I shine!


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