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About Yvette

I am an expressive artist and mental health advocate based in South Africa. Painting for me is more than just a way to make money. My business journey started off as a therapy suggested by my psychologist. She asked me to attend a few art classes after my third major depression episode. 

Since then it evolved into much more! Yes, I still use it as an outlet, but I have embraced the healing it provides and that even though I live with mental illness, I am still empowered. 

Welcome to my corner where I showcase my bold, impressionist works of art and where I share bits of my mental health journey too. 

Every bit of paint I spread on canvas is guaranteed to represent every fibre of my being! 

Step into your light


The works below are a selection of the most popular I have created and of course include my personal favourites. They say that the only time one wastes paint, is if you leave it in the tube. As a testament to that, I often keep empty tubes. I keep it to remind myself I tried. I remind myself that I am growing.

Welcome to the front row seat of my exciting journey as an artist thriving in South Africa!   

She with the scarf

Drown with poise

Bring it

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My core business is creating art but I am passionate about mental health and well-being. I write about my personal experiences and explore the wonders and not-so-hot times in parenthood as well. 

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contemporary art in south africa Yvette Hess - Sweet Regret Final

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