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About ME?

I am an expressive artist and mental health advocate based in South Africa. Painting for me is more than just a way to make money. My business journey started off as a therapy suggested by my psychologist. She asked me to attend a few art classes after my third major depression episode. 

Since then it evolved into much more! Yes, I still use it as an outlet, but I have embraced the healing it provides and that even though I live with mental illness, I am still empowered. 

Welcome to my corner where I showcase my bold, impressionist works of art and where I share bits of my mental health journey too. 

Every bit of paint I spread on canvas is guaranteed to represent every fibre of my being! 

Step into your light.

Some of my past works


This painting was one of those works that could not wait to be born. She was also one of the first paintings I created using solely a palette knife. She can be found in the home of Celeste Stewart.

Respect the doek

This painting was inspired by the natural hair movement. Although she was not a commission, I was inspired to create her using my dear friend Mandisi Nhlapo’s photo of herself. She can be found in Qatar. 

contemporary art in south africa Yvette Hess journey Sweet Regret

Sweet regret

Being the biggest painting I have ever painted, this mixed media piece will always be close to my heart. I really had to expand my mind and search within myself to take an A5 doodle to something of this grand scale. “Sweet Regret” formed part of the series I created while attending the AVA gallery ArtReach program.

Yvette is the most vibrant and honest personality I've ever encountered. She has such an inviting soul that one can't but help being drawn to her. Her artistic talent is astounding and I admire her use of colour and boldly formed compositions. As an advocate for mental health issues Yvette takes a strong but caring approach and has guided me through many personal battles with love and encouragement. She is one of my favourite people of all time.
Tarryn Dunkley
Designer, Artist & Crafter

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