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  • What is a detox programme

    Treating scalp psoriasis with a detox- What is a detox treatment?

    “What is a detox treatment?” is something I’m asked often when I tell people that I’m on a medical detox to treat my scalp psoriasis. Sometimes I can sense they’re rolling their eyes on the inside, because “another detox, Yvette?!” Yes, another detox people! But this one is different. What is a detox treatment? When looking up medical detoxes, one sees an array of detoxes related drug and alcohol abuse. This particular detox treatment is not linked to those, but it wouldn’t be something I would shy away from. Even though I am 194 days sober today, and will be writing a bit about that too, I wanted to focus on…

  • Can art help with depression - blog graphic

    Can art help with Depression? – my interpretation of surviving suicide

    “Can art help with Depression?” was one of the first questions I asked myself when I was admitted for my very first hospitalization for a depressive episode a few years ago.  I couldn’t understand how painting or gluing things together would help me express, let alone allow me to deal with what was going wrong. Last week I posted one of my latest works entitled, “Come Away from the Edge”. It was one of those inspired works in the sense that pure emotion drove me to create it. I’m certain it’s happened to you! My irritability levels were sky high. So, I locked myself up in my studio and turned…

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